General Applicability

GRAND50 aims to be transparent by providing our methodology for our Index’s creation. However, when developing the index, judgment is applied. Our methodology is for general applicability and not intended to address specific individual’s needs. GRAND50 does not advise as to the usefulness of our index to a particular circumstance. Users are encouraged to seek individual counsel.

Subject to Change

The methodology is subject to change, which may impact its usefulness to users. GRAND50 will make efforts to provide transparency into the index’s calculation, and into material changes in the methodology, however, specific changes may not be disclosed to the users promptly, thus impacting the usefulness use or usefulness of the information for some or all users.

Pricing Data Sources

GRAND50 continually applies a vetting process for pricing data sources and employs a continually automatic screening for pricing data sources, but compared to other markets, the cryptocurrency market’s data sources are immature, less reliable, and subject to less regulation and standards. Data clarity, fraudulent activities at the data providers, outages, and inconsistencies between data providers may provide less reliable, timely information that a user may require.

Circulating Supply

Circulating Supply is a component in the Index’s calculation. Because of the relatively less mature composition of the crypto markets compared to other markets, and the immaturity of the pool of data sources, Circulating Supply in the cryptomarkets is hard to calculate firmly. Historically, for specific cryptocurrencies, the widely available and published Circulating Supply was subject to fraudulent manipulation. Issues sourcing/calculating a component’s circulating supply will affect the usefulness of the index’s information for some or all users.


Cryptocurrencies are volatile relative to other markets. As the Index is designed to measure these markets, the Index could be materially impacted by market movements, thus affecting the usefulness of the information for some or all users.


Liquidity is an issue in the cryptocurrency market relative to other markets. Liquidity is a more significant issue with some cryptocurrencies. Illiquidity can have an impact on the quality or amount of data available to GRAND50 to determine a components or overall index’s calculation and may cause produce unpredictable results.